Hello world!

Well, I guess that this is my compulsory post to tell the cyber world that I’m here standing on my soapbox shouting my views on the cybersecurity to anyone that might care or accidentally stumbled on this blog.

So, who am I? Well, I’m not a security ninja yet, but I’m working on it.  However, I have quickly come to the realization that I will probably never reach the status of “ninja”. The more that I learn about the security and anti-security world, the more I get humbled about my lake of knowledge. This is largely due to the fact that security has such an enormous breadth of scope.  Not only does it contain two factions: the red team (attackers) and the blue team (defenders), but each of these sides has a plethora of specializations.

With that said I have started to carve out my own little space in the this diverse and rapidly changing world. My day job has me selling, deploying and managing various security solutions (which I wholeheartedly believe in). And through a strange course of events, this has led me to speak at conferences for the average IT professional working the SMB (small to medium business). In these sessions, I try to break down various aspects of security to simplify the attendees understanding (without compromising content) and arm them with the knowledge that they need to help better protect organizations.

My intention for this blog is to share my thoughts on security (offensive and defensive), document my journey in this industry and share content from my session in hopes that hopes that users will find it useful. Now let’s see if that actually happens